About us

Lyst Consulting is a catalyst for technological change. Our team are experts at identifying and implementing technology to help drive sales growth and profitability.

With over 25 years’ experience working on clients projects, but also in roles at organisations across many industries, we are still as passionate as ever about successful technology change. More importantly we’re passionate about doing a great job.

The team at Lyst Consulting combines IT expertise and commercial acumen to help you get ahead of the competition.

We have a passion for achieving change and delivering exceptional value for our clients. This focus on change and value comes from a long term view that sees Lyst work as a partner and trusted advisor.

In this role we bring energy, experience and business growth philosophy to deliver IT projects. At the heart of our way of working is a constant focus on enabling those we work for to grow as a result of utilising technology in the most impactful way.

Our founders, who you will find out more about below, create a formidable team dynamic that achieves great results by bringing a change oriented CIO and CTO to your organisation. This team will provide peace of mind when embarking on a major change programme by getting any transformation right, first time.

Our leadership team

  • Mark Dermody

    Mark is a Chief Information Officer (CIO) with a track record of supporting high growth business strategies through technology transformations. He has a passion for customer driven organisations and has supported many companies business strategies. To name a few – Abcam, Costa Coffee, Wiggle and Chain...
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  • Jay Parmar

    Jay is a technologist with a broad experience across a number of industry sectors including media, financial services, retail, FMCG and life sciences. He operates as a CTO who brings a creative, business focused approach to optimising data and technology to deliver services that benefit customers and...
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...supported by a trusted team of skilled experts

Skilled technology experts

For any technology change project to be successful you are going to require the skills and experiences of a number of different roles including project managers, solution architects, programme managers, technicians, business analysts, scrum masters, delivery managers, development managers and service transition managers.

Our supporting team of more than 100 trusted experts in this field will help us to help you deliver great technology enabled change – efficiently and effectively.

We're passionate about technology change

Here's how we can help you achieve it...
Technology strategy

We manage end to end technology strategy definition and everything that this entails, from the target solutions to the plan to get there and the operating model needed after go live.

Road mapping

We define your change roadmap, prioritised, aligned to and supporting your business plan.

Troubleshooting and rescue

Whether it’s due to low quality, delays going live or budget overruns, if things aren’t going well our team will rescue a programme of change. We’ll ensure your technology team can deliver.  

Due diligence for acquisitions

Our experts can identify and understand the technology assets of any target organisation you might be looking to acquire. 

Delivering change

Our experienced team will take end-to-end accountability for delivering change in your organisation to ensure a successful project. 

Delivery assurance

If you’re already undertaking a change project and want an expert second opinion on performance, risks and issues we can ensure that everything is kept on track with corrective actions if necessary.

Operation model definition

We can define your new operating model, outlining the correct use of people, partners and process, and a realistic plan to achieve your desired end state.

Digital transformation

Our experienced experts work with organisations to deliver digital initiatives and then recruit and develop the in-house or partner skills to manage this ongoing.


We can help you to unlock the value of data in your organisation and then evolve that into machine learning and artificial intelligence.


Our team will understand your solution architecture and devise the architectural transition states in order to achieve your future target architecture.

Artificial intelligence

The world is hungry for data, information and the methods and techniques used for harvesting great insights that will support critical business decisions. We can guide you through the maze of big data, analytics, insights and machine learning to achieve great AI.


Coming up with great ideas to drive business forward is what we do best. We’ll help your business come up with and participate in innovation.