Specialists in driving growth & sales

For over 25 years our leadership team has been combining IT expertise and commercial acumen to help clients get ahead of the competition.

Catalysts for technological change

We adopt a technology-agnostic approach based on core values of innovation, accountability and results.

Experienced across many industries

We've experience from in-house roles and client projects in a range of sectors including financial services and insurance, retail, media, health & beauty, FMCG and CPD, manufacturing, biotech, utilities and hospitality.

About Lyst Consulting

For over 25 years now our leadership team of experienced experts has been helping businesses and organisations fulfil their potential. We achieve this by unlocking technology and then use this technological change to help drive growth and sales.  
We’ll get to the heart of your business and then harness IT and technology to modernise and improve your business processes and customer service. Our experience across multiple industry sectors and our focus on achieving results means that you can be safe in the knowledge that you have a partner you can trust and who will help make a daunting process easy.   

Why choose Lyst Consulting?

Improving and then utilising technology is an excellent way to gain an advantage over your rivals. We’ll help identify how to best use technology to significantly improve your customer proposition and grow sales. 

We’ll get to the heart of your business and engage with your teams to facilitate innovation and idea generation. As catalysts for technological change we are experts at making what might seem a daunting process easy. 

Every business and organisation is unique so a different approach is needed for each. Our team utilises a wide range of experience gained from working across various industries to identify what technological change will achieve the greatest results.

Great technology needs great people behind it. We’ll help you to develop successful and vibrant technology departments that will play a crucial role in delivering transformations to help drive both growth and sales. 

Our team will get to the heart of your business and make what can be a daunting process feel easy. We’re passionate about doing a great job!

If you need help to secure the investment for technology then we can help you get your stakeholders on board.

Making IT stronger post Covid-19

During the Covid-19 pandemic, social distancing measures have increased hugely the reliance on technology to maintain contact and services. There has been massive growth in its usage and acceptance as a force for good. As the world looks to rebuilding, the most successful businesses and organisations will be those that recognise and harness the enhanced role of technology in everyday lives.

Talk to Lyst about what technology opportunities exist for your business in the post Covid-19 environment.

We're passionate about technology change

Here's how we can help you achieve it...
Technology strategy

We manage end to end technology strategy definition and everything that this entails, from the target solutions to the plan to get there and the operating model needed after go live.

Road mapping

We define your change roadmap, prioritised, aligned to and supporting your business plan.

Troubleshooting and rescue

Whether it’s due to low quality, delays going live or budget overruns, if things aren’t going well our team will rescue a programme of change. We’ll ensure your technology team can deliver.  

Due diligence for acquisitions

Our experts can identify and understand the technology assets of any target organisation you might be looking to acquire. 

Delivering change

Our experienced team will take end-to-end accountability for delivering change in your organisation to ensure a successful project. 

Delivery assurance

If you’re already undertaking a change project and want an expert second opinion on performance, risks and issues we can ensure that everything is kept on track with corrective actions if necessary.

Operation model definition

We can define your new operating model, outlining the correct use of people, partners and process, and a realistic plan to achieve your desired end state.

Digital transformation

Our experienced experts work with organisations to deliver digital initiatives and then recruit and develop the in-house or partner skills to manage this ongoing.


We can help you to unlock the value of data in your organisation and then evolve that into machine learning and artificial intelligence.


Our team will understand your solution architecture and devise the architectural transition states in order to achieve your future target architecture.

Artificial intelligence

The world is hungry for data, information and the methods and techniques used for harvesting great insights that will support critical business decisions. We can guide you through the maze of big data, analytics, insights and machine learning to achieve great AI.


Coming up with great ideas to drive business forward is what we do best. We’ll help your business come up with and participate in innovation.

Completed projects

At Lyst Consulting we’re dedicated to successful technology change and passionate about doing a great job. Below are just a few examples of how we’ve helped clients harness technology to drive both growth and sales.

Our three steps to every success

Make it hassle-free

By getting to the heart of your business we’ll make what might seem a daunting process easy.

Ensure rapid delivery

Our strong background in delivering change means we’ll deliver a successful technological transformation, first time.

Achieve excellent results

We have a passion for achieving change and delivering exceptional value for our clients.

Making IT better for some of the biggest names

Think differently about IT with Lyst Consulting

It’s time to unlock technology to realise your business potential. Our growth specialists combine IT expertise and commercial acumen to give you an advantage over your competition.